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"We tell it like it is"

“The Marathon was very eye opening.” -- Rachel Hester, executive director, Campus for Human Development.

“This is as real as anything I’ve ever been a part of…This is a great thing. This has brought focus.” -- Fresno Mayor Alan Autry

“The Marathon was better than ever this year. We were proud to be a part of it! -- Chad Carrothers, news director, WFHB, Bloomington, IN

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The 17th Homelessness Marathon

Broadcasting live on Tuesday, February 17th, from 7p.m.- 9a.m. EST, (14 hours) from Sarasota, FL.


The 16th Homelessness Marathon (2013):
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Hour Five: Click here
Hour Six: Click here

14th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2011):
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11th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2008):
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10th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2007):
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9th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2006):
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8th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2005):
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7th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2004):
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6th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2003):
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5th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2002):
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4th Annual Homelessness Marathon (2001):
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3rd Annual Homelessness Marathon (2000):

2nd Annual Homelessness Marathon (1999):


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