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The Homelessness Marathon

America's only national broadcast focusing on
homelessness and poverty

The 22nd Homelessness Marathon aired on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.
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On the Homelessness Marathon, we talk to many different kinds of people who hold many different views about how to end homelessness. We're glad to present a wide diversity of opinion, but we also want people to know where we stand ourselves.

At the Homelessness Marathon, we believe that the elimination of poverty is a moral duty for society. We believe that fulfilling this duty makes for a better society. And we believe that there are many ways to fulfill this duty, but that all of them should be guided by these principles:

1) The most severe forms of poverty must be addressed on an emergency basis.

2) National efforts to eliminate poverty must be funded through the national budget and must focus on changes in the system not in the poor.

These changes should include:

a) A universal living wage and universal health care.

b) A full employment economy.

c) Investment in public housing and public transportation.

d) Benefits for the truly needy that truly keep them out of need.

e) Fair taxes on corporations and wealth.

f) Recognition of food, shelter, health care and education as the rights of citizens.

3) Within these guidelines, we support a wide variety of approaches to poverty, including those based on charity, personal uplift, supportive services and economic opportunity.