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The Homelessness Marathon

America's only national broadcast focusing on
homelessness and poverty

The 21st Homelessness Marathon live broadcast took place on July 24, 2019 from 10 A.M. to midnight, originating at WMBR in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You can listen to the archived broadcast at

2019 Broadcast Schedule

The Homelessness Marathon is composed of short, pre-recorded reports and longer live discussions. Each hour begins with a brief introduction and a 5-minute pre-recorded segment, followed by a live discussion for the rest of the hour. Times listed are Eastern Standard Time.

HOUR 1      10-11 am
Welcome, then a talk with street newspaper vendors at the office of Spare Change News in Cambridge, Massachusetts, along with Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern and Kelly Turley of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

HOUR 2      11am-noon
Short    The Last Words of  Michael Collins
Long    “Hell Is For Children” – Youth Homelessness. Host:  Linda Pinkow.  Guests: Carl Howell and Amanda Mallardo from Community Teamwork that works with homeless youth in Lowell, MA, plus youths from their program; Ominique Garner with Boston Youth Action Board; and Jacob Heart from Y2Y, a shelter in Harvard Square created by youth for homeless youth.

HOUR 3      12-1 pm
Short    Homeless Poetry – One
Long    A talk with doctors from Health Care Without Walls, and the homeless women they treat. Host:  Nobody

HOUR 4      1-2 pm
Short    “Perry & Harley – A Door To Close”
Long    From Shelter to Home – transitioning out of homelessness – Hosts: Marc Stern and Linda Pinkow. Guests: John Yazwinski and Jonathan Lanham with Father Bill’s Place, and two who went from shelter to home.

HOUR 5     2-3 pm
Short    “Saved By the Library” – produced by Virginia Marshall
Long    A talk with homeless artists at the Common Cathedral Common Arts Program. Host: Nobody.

HOUR 6     3-4 pm
Short    Homeless Poetry Two
Long    “The Prison to Poverty Pipeline” – Hosts: Linda Pinkow & Lawrence Barriner II. Guests: Professor Lucius Couloute from Suffolk University, Carole Cafferty with the MIT Initiative for Teaching Incarcerated Individuals, and formerly incarcerated citizens Branden Morris and Lynn Sullivan.

HOUR 7     4-5 pm
Short    “In the Closet – Literally” – produced by Brian Adoff
Long    “Reshaping Our Policies Toward the Homeless” Hosts:  Nobody & Linda Pinkow. Guests: Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins (the only one of 21 invited candidates, including the incumbent, to accept), Cheri Honkala, Director of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, and Pastor Dean Dodd of Church In The Park, Modesto, CA.

HOUR 8      5-6 pm
Short    “Markaya from Oaklna – Jus’ Sayin’” – produced by Lucy Kang
Long    “Now Learn This” – Homeless Students.  Hosts: Allison Hamilos and Linda Pinkow. Guests:  Bianca van Heydoorn with the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice, Temple University; Kathleen O’Neill from Bunker Hill Community College and a BHCC student.

HOUR 9      6-7 pm
Short    “The Story of Taisha Sturdevant” – produced by Carol Jackson
Long    A talk with homeless guests at the Paulist Center Supper Club – host Nobody

HOUR 10    7-8 pm
Short    TBA
Long    “It’s Easy To Become Homeless When You Lose Your Home – Part One, Fighting Foreclosures.” Host: Marc Stern. Guests: Grace Ross and members of the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending

HOUR 11     8-9 pm
Short    “Finding Hidden Hunger in America.” – produced by Catherine Stifter
Long    “It’s Easy To Become Homeless When You Lose Your Home – Part Two, Fighting Evictions” with City Life/Vida Urbana members at Our Savior Lutheran Church

HOUR 12     9-10 pm
Short    Finding Hidden Homeless in India” – produced by Carol Jackson
Long    “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Now Where Can We Sleep?” LGBTQ homelessness.
Host: Caitlin Fischer. Guests: TBA.

HOUR 13     10-11 pm
Short    “Getting Through the Minnesota Winter – produced by James Gullickson
Long    “Ending Homelessness NOW.” Hosts: Nobody & Linda Pinkow. Guests: Jacqui Pollack, who spent eight years homeless on the streets of Seattle; Rev. Liz Theoharis, co-chair Poor People’s Campaign & Mass. State Rep. Mike Connolly.

Hour 14        11 pm- midnight
Short    Homeless Poetry Three
Long    “What’s It Gonna Take?” Host – Nobody.  Guests: Paul Boden, Field Director, Western Regional Advocacy Project; Morgan Brown; and others TBA.